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Retailers, claim your WOTC tax credits!

WOTC for retailers

Did you know, in 2015 the retail industry provided nearly 42 million employees with jobs in the United States? With an average of 20% of these workers eligible for businesses to receive WOTC tax credits, that’s nearly $11 billion waiting to be claimed.

WOTC tax credits range from $1,200 to $9,600 (maximum), depending on which target group your employee identifies with. Today, retail companies can electronically screen all new hires to determine WOTC eligibility which drastically decreases your time commitment with the WOTC program. Whether your retail company is hiring regional managers or hourly employees, you may be missing out on valuable tax credits that will help increase your profitability.

Ready to claim your tax credits? Contact Clarus Solutions today to determine how your company will benefit from the WOTC program.

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