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Can WOTC Benefit My Trucking Company?

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WOTC is well suited for virtually all types and sizes of carriers. Whether your carrier is OTR (Over-the-Road), LTL (Less-than-Truckload), for-hire or a private fleet, your trucking company can benefit from WOTC. Organizations and companies in industries such as transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution and other businesses which rely heavily on an hourly wage workforce are well suited to benefit from this tax credit.

The WOTC credit represents a permanent reduction in income tax and directly reduces a business’s effective tax rate. There is no limit to the amount of credit available through the program as a whole or to a single employer.

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Today, trucking companies can electronically screen all new drivers and employees to determine WOTC eligibility.  With the ability to electronically screening new hires, the amount of time you spend managing WOTC will be drastically reduced and your new employees will have little to no disruption with on-boarding.

Whether your motor carrier business is small or big, hires bluecollar or whitecollar workers, places 10 or 10,000 employees per year, your trucking company can greatly benefit from WOTC and significantly improve your margins and

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