Become a WOTC Hero!

Benefits of being a WOTC Hero

Be a WOTC Hero by reducing your federal tax liability by 50% or more!

Reduce or Eliminate Your Federal Taxes

WOTC benefits can significantly reduce your corporate federal tax liability – and in many cases, WOTC can completely eliminate your federal tax liability!

Maximize Profitability & Cash-flow

By leveraging the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, you’ll increase cash flow, therefore improving your margins and sustainability. With an increasingly high cost of doing business these days, WOTC can make your company more profitable.

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WOTC Tax Savings Calculator
Number Of New Hires Per Year:
Qualifying Ratio: 20%
Qualifying New Hires:
Average Tax Credit: $ 2,150.00
Your Potential Tax Credit: $

WOTC Optimization Program - Case Study


20% of New Hires Potentially Eligible

WOTC tax credits are available to businesses that hire workers that fit into specific targeted groups. From unemployed veterans to food stamp recipients, you may already be hiring individuals who are within the target groups. In January 2017 alone, there were 5.6 million new hires in the U.S. (source: US Dept of Labor) With an average of 20% of those workers eligible for WOTC tax credits, that’s more than $2.4 billion in tax credits that potentially could have been claimed.

An Average of $2,150 Per Eligible New Hire

Tax credits range from $1,200 to $9,600 per eligible employee, depending on their specific background. On average, we’re able to capture $2,150 per eligible new hire for your business. We are able to do this by creating a thoughtful implementation of WOTC.

Thinking back to the amount of people your company hired last year, 1-in-5 of them were potentially eligible. Now multiple that by $2,150 to understand the magnitude of tax credits your business is leaving on the table.

For an average business that hires 2,500 people a year, this translates into $1,075,000 in tax credits available to them. Think of all the expansion your business could do with this type of extra cash flow.

No Limits

There is no limit on the number of individuals an employer can hire to qualify to claim the tax credit. Whether your business hires 10 or 10,000 eligible employees, your tax credits will continue to stack up and improve your profit margin.

Is WOTC Right for Your Business?

WOTC benefits virtually any type and size of business. Whether your company hires “blue-collar” or “white-collar” employees, your business can benefit from the WOTC Program. Whether your business hires 50 or 50,000 employees per year, the WOTC program can significantly impact your margins and profitability!

WOTC Optimization Program Benefits

No Risk Fee Structure

There is absolutely no risk to implementing WOTC since our fee structure is 100% contingent upon our performance.
No retainers.  No up-front investment.  No hidden fees.

Lower Recruiting Expenses

Significantly reduce the cost associated with traditional recruiting and on-boarding new employees with WOTC (background checks, drug screens, job board advertising). Our electronic screening software takes the hassle out of manual screening new hires and significantly speeds up the hiring process.

Low Time Investment

Your business will spend approximately 30 minutes each month managing the WOTC program. Our tools and reporting make integrating the WOTC tax program simple and easy to manage.


Integrating electronic WOTC screening into your existing application and/or on-boarding platforms is easy.  Our proprietary electronic WOTC screening tool is already integrated with some of the most recognized applicant and on-boarding platforms available.  This type of integration allows your business the ability to screen 100% of your new hires with absolutely no disruption to your new hires, existing processes or internal teams (recruiting, payroll or human resources).

Online Reports

Your company can track the entire screening process from our online reporting platform: from screening to submissions and status alerts – you have the ability to access near real-time reports from any internet ready device.